Life of a Chappal

It was the month of October when Gagan placed an order for me on Myntra. I was resting in a warehouse in Delhi and was living a peaceful life. But Gagan liked me, and hence I was displaced from my comfort. I had to pass seven different hands before I reached his home at Bangalore. … Continue reading Life of a Chappal

Being Broke

Being broke is not as bad as people think. I recently left my job to start my entrepreneurship journey with and its been over three months now. Although it's not much time but these three months made me realise the value of money, time, relationships, life, etc.. I had to do a lot of … Continue reading Being Broke

Diary of a girl – Touch that was not meant to be

Date - 29th February 2020 I have never been in a relationship nor dated anyone till now. I am single, and one of the reason is I am afraid of intimacy, maybe it would sound weird to many but its a bitter truth of my life. When someone tries to come close to me, I … Continue reading Diary of a girl – Touch that was not meant to be

Wasteful Sunday

Today after a long time I was not able to concentrate on work and wasted my Sunday. I had a lot of things to finish up, but then also my mind was wandering to the memories of my engineering and MBA and the good times I had there. Journey from no one to someone Not … Continue reading Wasteful Sunday

Learning Capsule from The Urban Monk

This morning I was reading The Urban Monk. This book was one hell of an experience with a lot of real-time examples, learnings from a monk who came back to the real world to make people understand the life of a monk. He wanted to show everyone how to lead a life of an urban monk. … Continue reading Learning Capsule from The Urban Monk

Doing things that do not Scale

As a startup founder/ first employee, one of the biggest challenges is to get the initial traction, first few customers for your business etc. Generally, people get in a grove of doing things perfectly and always think of the future on how ideally things should work. This is where people get it wrong, during the … Continue reading Doing things that do not Scale

Don’t ridicule festivals, understand, adapt & move forward

Diwali is around the corner and yet again my news feed is full of articles, events, posts by liberals for celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali. I still remember my childhood when festivals like Diwali would mean all the market full of light and colorful diyas etc. There would be stalls all-round the market for sweets, and … Continue reading Don’t ridicule festivals, understand, adapt & move forward