Short Stories of Life

What if? I have worked in startups before. I know exactly why. I always fancied the culture, hustle and the feeling of creating somehting unique. My first attempt to earn money was in graduation college. I started giving home tuitions. The first set of currency in my hand felt like a miracle; there was no limit of how much I … Continue reading Short Stories of Life

How much should I sleep?

How much should I sleep? This question has been long debated, and people have a different view of when and how much to sleep to have a productive day. Sleep is the single activity taking most of the time in one’s day after work (today’s Indian IT/ Startup population) Recently, we were in a social … Continue reading How much should I sleep?

What I learned in my 20’s?

I'm 28, and in just a year more I will cross a barrier which is considered a big deal in our society today. So today I thought of writing about it. From being the eldest son in a middle-class North Indian family to running a successful self-sustained start-up, I've been through a lot of ups … Continue reading What I learned in my 20’s?

Quick weekend getaway trek to Skandagiri Hills, Bangalore

Since last few months, I made it a point of spending some time away from the routine work or rather wasting time by not doing the core work. This has helped me get a different perspective on a lot of problems in my life personally and professionally. Last weeks getaway was Skandagiri Hills with Abhishek Salunke, … Continue reading Quick weekend getaway trek to Skandagiri Hills, Bangalore

Surviving Entrepreneurship

"You have to survive to succeed." When I joined full-time 11 months back, I had some savings which I believed will help me sail through a period before I start withdrawing salary. But soon I realized that it was not enough, and I need to create some more corpus for myself. I started wondering if there … Continue reading Surviving Entrepreneurship

Quora – Platform of Possibilities

I started writing on Quora when Subbu asked me to answer about my experience of living at a SimplyGuest home on it. During the same time, I had also launched pokharnatalks and was trying to find ways to popularise the same. I realized that Quora is an excellent platform for the same. Hence I started … Continue reading Quora – Platform of Possibilities

Nine months of learning since I left my job…

It has been nine months since I left my full-time job. As an Individual, entrepreneurship has changed my life a lot. I started earning very early in my life (during my 11th standard), and since the potential of earning and learning when you are not doing a job intrigued me a lot. More than earning the learnings … Continue reading Nine months of learning since I left my job…