Surviving Entrepreneurship

"You have to survive to succeed." When I joined full-time 11 months back, I had some savings which I believed will help me sail through a period before I start withdrawing salary. But soon I realized that it was not enough, and I need to create some more corpus for myself. I started wondering if there … Continue reading Surviving Entrepreneurship

Quora – Platform of Possibilities

I started writing on Quora when Subbu asked me to answer about my experience of living at a SimplyGuest home on it. During the same time, I had also launched pokharnatalks and was trying to find ways to popularise the same. I realized that Quora is an excellent platform for the same. Hence I started … Continue reading Quora – Platform of Possibilities

Nine months of learning since I left my job…

It has been nine months since I left my full-time job. As an Individual, entrepreneurship has changed my life a lot. I started earning very early in my life (during my 11th standard), and since the potential of earning and learning when you are not doing a job intrigued me a lot. More than earning the learnings … Continue reading Nine months of learning since I left my job…

Privileged in the world full of Pain

Back Story: A couple of weeks back I was in Bangalore, and work was going on full swing. On a beautiful evening, while it was raining, the weather changed drastically with about 4-degree change in temperature and hence I was down with my famous weather change fever. Every year twice I get the fever … Continue reading Privileged in the world full of Pain

Self Doubt

Since a long enough time, people close to me has always labeled me as a 'Brand Ambassador' of self-doubt, thinking to mush and procrastinate. Sometimes I don't feel good enough for this world. Whatever I do ends up with something that's was not meant to be. This is one of the many problems I face … Continue reading Self Doubt

Thank You my Teachers – You Matter

When I think back to the people in my life who have impacted me the most, I immediately think of my old teachers. Teaching isn’t easy. I think it’s one of the most challenging jobs in the world. I give anyone credit who can spend an entire day with a bunch of kids in a classroom, only to then … Continue reading Thank You my Teachers – You Matter


Sometimes people come in your life who have such relentless optimism, great enthusiasm and never seen attitude towards life that it gets you to think of ways you could have never imagined on your own. They can’t take no, how many multitudes of reasons you come up with, they don’t give up on you. They … Continue reading People