Their idea of being fit and healthy

Place – Madiwala Lake, Bangalore; Date – 21st May 2017;  Time – 6:00 AM; Point of Observation –  People’s idea of being fit and healthy

madiwala lake idea of being fit and healthy

The whole world has realized the importance of fitness and health and off late see we a lot of Gym, fitness center etc. cropping up in the different part of cities. I am sitting here at a lake side and see the different view and people have a very different take on how to be fit and healthy. Their idea of being fit and healthy is very different, your journey can start at any point. Let us have a look at some of the observation.

Idea of being fit and healthy

  • Old Couple Walking

  • An old couple walking is a beautiful sight. The are looking very happy and to me, it looks like they are at the lakeside just to enjoy nature and complete their schedule. They just want fresh air and walking was enough for them to be healthy. I reached out to them and asked what is it that gets you here every day. They told, “It’s the young people like you who compels us to be here, we get a lot of energy seeing you and it makes us happy”. Their idea of being fit and healthy is the happiness and laughter which they get when they come here daily.
  • Young Couple Jogging

  • A young couple taking out time from their busy schedule and jogging over the weekend to make sure that their lifestyle doesn’t take a toll on their health. I casually started chatting with them and was surprised to know that they don’t miss their jog for even one day. It was their idea of being fit and healthy and they were happy that way. Some thing’s I did in order to be healthy.
  • Man full of gadgets

  • Technology has taken its toll on us, gentleman full of gadgets is the sight. He is always looking at his band, mobile while running. I can empathize with him as I am the same. Measurement gives us a thrill and then we act accordingly. The targets are what we are conditioned to achieve and we see fitness with the lenses of achieving a target. Here the idea of being fit and healthy is about achieving milestones and move ahead. I did something similar when I took this challenge.
  • Individuals Running

  • Individual girls/boys running and spending time in the open gym as if there is no tomorrow. One of them told me that why to spend money on being healthy when we have enough options of doing so. We just need the will and that we get from each other. They were a group of 5 people who comes to madiwala daily. Their idea of being fit was being regular and helping each other to do so.
  • Boy talking on phone

  • A boy is talking to his parents and walking. I am assuming his idea of being fit and healthy must be “Walk while you talk”. Multitasking to make sure you are healthy and fit is another trait of the present generation.
  • People doing Yoga and Pranayama

  • People doing yoga and pranayama, these are mostly middle-aged people who want to do their bit to be fit and healthy. These people are generally conservative in their idea of being fit and healthy and don’t want to try anything new. I reached out to few of them but of no use as they were wary of talking to me.
  • People relaxing on benches

  • People just sitting on benches to take fresh air in Bangalore which is very rare. Their idea of being fit and healthy was to have fresh air at the start of the day and then go to their daily routine.

The time is 6:45 AM now and in last 45 min these were my observation on what the world of fitness and health has come to and how things are changing, what people think when we talk about their idea of health and fitness, but there are many things which we should avoid. It’s not always about 6 packs or muscles or becoming lean. Being fit and healthy and fit are much more than being thin or muscular, you need to have undergone lifestyle changes in order to be fit and healthy. It’s about being healthy from inside and living your life with discipline. You can have a look at my weight loss journey here.

Please let me know what is your idea of being fit and healthy in the comments section.

Master these morning rituals to master success

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, its lethal”

“You are what you do every day, not once in a while.”


It has always been an open secret that most of the successful people start their day early in the morning. The early morning hours offer concentration, solitude etc.

I’ve always known this and have seen this in my family yet it took me more than 23 years to acquire the discipline necessary to join the prestigious “5am club.”

There must be a strong reason to get up early in the morning, as when you get up this will be the first question you will ask yourself. For me is was to go to Gym so I become smart enough to impress her.

Hence ,you must be working on something really important that you’re willing to give up sleep to make your dreams a reality. If you are still reading this I will share what I do in order to stay motivated and get up at 5 am every morning.

I’m writing about how I use the different aspects of this morning routine to wake up inspired, motivated, and ready to take on the challenges of the day.


  • Get out of bed

This is the biggest challenge on faces and a battle that all of us fight daily. First thought that crossed our mind that 5 more min and then 5 more and this goes on. The first thing I do is jump out of bed and walk towards the kitchen and hence other things follows.

  • Drink water and Go Washroom

Our body gets dehydrated and hence the salt content in blood increases and hence drink enough water to keep you full for a while. This helps us in increasing oxygen content and reduce the salt concentration in the body. Then spend next 15 min in the bathroom. By this time you will at least wake up from your hardcore sleep.

  • Yoga and Meditation

I walk towards terrace and start my day with a bit of stretching and then prayers. These prayers are during meditation and focus on important things in life and what you have to achieve today. This helps in increasing concentration and you will start getting clarity in thoughts.

  • Write a Page

I generally write about what I learned the last day and the time I give myself is 15 min so that you don’t think too much to write and it comes straight from your heart. Spend 5 min in again reading it and then again write what I want to learn today.

  • Task List

I generally prepare a task list for the day and then rank them on the basis of difficulty and priority and a multiplication of the two gives me a ranking of tasks. I try and finish the first in the list before hitting the gym so that my day looks much more manageable as I already finished the most important and toughest thing for the day.

  • Gym time

Off late, I realized that I should invest time in myself and only then I can do something in life and hence I hit the gym daily working out on a schedule to get myself in shape but I never diet to achieve results.I don’t need to explain the benefits of fitness to you or do I have to ?


Establishing these habits took time and discipline. If waking up at 4:45 am is too much for you, find a time that’s more doable. Slowly set your alarm earlier and earlier until you reach your desired time.

Lastly, don’t try to add these habits at once. Focus on one at a time. If you want to change something, do it. This is about finding what works for you.

Have fun, enjoy, and may all your dreams come true.