Life of a Chappal

It was the month of October when Gagan placed an order for me on Myntra. I was resting in a warehouse in Delhi and was living a peaceful life. But Gagan liked me, and hence I was displaced from my comfort. I had to pass seven different hands before I reached his home at Bangalore. … Continue reading Life of a Chappal

An unsaid love story – to be or not to be?

Background Anil came from a small town has a gleam in his eyes to achieve something. Seeing the amount of freedom for the first time got him to another plane of living altogether. He did things like talking to girls, spending time with them, drinking etc. which he could only dream of a few days … Continue reading An unsaid love story – to be or not to be?

When I lost a great friendship?

Today morning it suddenly struck me as I was looking back at how things have unfolded in last 5 years. I realized that I lost few friendship in my journey till today but what I regret is that one friendship which I lost to ego, miss-communication, and lack of communication. This just got me thinking … Continue reading When I lost a great friendship?

When I tried building AI around my life?

Since last few days, I am trying to build predictability in my life and build an algorithm that will help me predict things and preempt any possible risk to avoid a downside emotionally or financially. I thought that this can be a very good and practical application of artificial intelligence and can have a potential … Continue reading When I tried building AI around my life?

One Line Stories – Part I

So, when you die and meet god, what if the first question asked is, “How was the heaven”? My wedding cost 5 lacs and My divorce cost 50 lacs and both were worth it. You are a Hindu or a Muslim, she said: “I am hungry.” I think of dying more often but then I … Continue reading One Line Stories – Part I