First month experience at Cuemath

First of anything is always special as it creates a long-lasting effect on how your journey will be along the way. As we always say the first impression is the last one. Here is the first month experience at cuemath.

When you start anything new you tend to take a route where the risk is minimal and you know certain things along the way. This makes sure that you behave as expected and build your credibility. Once you are at a certain level you start taking risks and take routes which are new to optimize time/ effort etc. that you were putting in doing a task or taking that route and move ahead.

Something like this happened to me when I joined cuemath. I was always taking a longer but known route to the office and leave early to make sure that I reach on time and don’t miss anything at work. As people started knowing that I come on time I then started exploring other routes and voilà I found a shorter route and optimized my effort to reach office. This was one of the biggest learning during my starting days at cuemath.

A similar thing happened when I started working on projects. I could see some gaps because of my experience and I started working on those because I knew how to fill them. May be not the best way to solve those problems but yes, the problems were solved. This helped me build credibility and then I started taking the liberty to build out certain things where I didn’t have any experience and yes, I was able to pull certain things off.

It has been a month here at cuemath and it feels like I was always the part of the team. The people are welcoming and got me up to speed in a very short period. I stated with an awesome on boarding process designed by chhavi where I was asked to read a couple of books like Mathematical Lament and The Mindset. These helped me in understanding the core philosophy of math is an art and a life skill and the growth mindset.

Then came customer visits, talks which were the most insightful as far as the business and the brand was concerned. This gave me a 360-degree view of what is the business all about. Going on the ground and talking to your customers is probably the best thing one can do when you are starting a new company. It was then followed by all the process documents and meetings.

Celebrated my birthday, got a gift, spoiled a surprise, worked a lot, partied a lot harder and had lots of fun.

Happy Birthday first month experience at cuemath my desk first month experience at cuemathPeople at cuemath are awesome and aligned to the vision of “Making kid great at math”. Frankly, it took me some time to believe in the vision and what we were trying to solve but as of today, I can say that without any doubt, that what cuemath is trying to do is very fundamental and will have a long-lasting effect on people’s life.

I can already see the change in the next generations way to approach and solve a problem when I see kids at a cuemath class. Kudos to the team for creating a wonderful product which is touching and changing lives.

Excited to be a part of this journey.

An unsaid Love Story with different endings

Some Love stories never have an ending

It all started with him when he joined college. It was exactly 14th day of the college, ragging was on peak and they were having lunch. Right, there she was, having lunch sitting just opposite to him, laughing like there is no tomorrow. It was then he decided that she is the one and then started a tale.

He approached her for notes and they started talking. To his luck she got her roll number changed and now it was just next to him. The days were very awesome. They both used to roam around with friends and were having the time of their life. There were fights but there was an unsaid relationship which was budding between them. Both didn’t want to commit but wanted to live in it.

The first year went by and then they had to depart just being from different departments. He was not ready to let go and hence did everything he could to get his department changed and finally he had his way and they again got together in the same class.

He said her that he liked her but didn’t get a response for a long time. He was struggling, confused that what is happening around him, but he didn’t want to let it go and hence he just stuck around in the hope that one day everything will become all right.

They would still fight every day and make sure that they patch-up as well. But this was making it more troublesome for him. He was falling for her day by day and the college was coming to an end.

They in a way were together but were not together. He never knew what’s going on in her mind. The college ended and they had to part ways. But it was just destiny and coincidence that they ended up in the same city.

There was still some story left. But now they were doing different things and were busy in their own schedule not able to give much time to each other. Their misunderstanding grew and both were not ready to listen to another side of the story.

Both had the same story but with a different ending.

He pushed me away…!!

She didn’t make me stay…!!

Would you like to read more in detail about the two and know their names please leave a reply. 🙂