Customer Support – DNA of a Company which builds a Brand

Customer Service

The team which is always there for the customers, whether its Holi or Diwali or just another day. We are the “Customer Support”. We make sure that our customers are not getting affected at any point, all days of the year.
A typical day of ours starts with team logging in all the support channels where the customer reaches out, which can be Chat, Emails, Calls etc. We spend most of the time answering to the inbound queries and issues of the customers. During the day, we also work with other departments to deal with different type of customer issues we get.
We have a range of problem thrown at us during the day. Right from an easy how to question to a difficult objection handling on a policy or product. Each day for us is a rollercoaster ride right from start to the finish. We have best of our days where we satisfy a customer with all his/ her queries and we also have worst of our days when many customers are dissatisfied with the answers we have for them.
The best part of our job is to be able to see things from a customer’s perspective and then help other departments in the improvement of products and services. The worst part of our job is delivering decisions on problems to the customers which are beyond our control, although we may sometimes know that the customer is not wrong. But these are business decisions where our control is minimum.
Multitasking is in our blood, we eat, work, have fun on the floor and all of this at one time. We have snack’s day, pot luck and make sure we have our part of the fun. Sometimes our leaders also join us and we enjoy their company a lot, though we would like to have some more of their time but we understand.
We are like an invisible backbone which is always there and supports but no one sees it from outside and realize its importance. But once people know what it takes to be here they never forget the importance of CUSTOMER SUPPORT. It is the voice of the company which show’s its DNA and is one of the most important elements of the brand building.

Lohith from the team says “Being in support is about saving emotion, no matter what kind of day we  have have been through all that  we do is greet our  customers with smile,it’s not about being phelgmatic it’s about being passionate”. 
Customer service is not only about the people in the frontline, it’s about the company as a whole all the departments of a company collectively define how your customer service is.
Please join us and experience what our customers go through day in and out and be their voice.