Celebrating freedom from the fear of Math this Independence Day

A musician wakes from a terrible nightmare. In his dream, he finds himself in a society where music education has been made mandatory. “We are helping our students become more competitive in an increasingly sound-filled world.” Educators, school systems, and the state are put in charge of this vital project. Studies are commissioned, committees are formed, and decisions are made— all without the advice or participation of a single working musician or composer (Courtesy – Paul Lockhart)

Does it sound similar when I say that same has been the case with Math and we have ruined the essence of how beautiful it is?

Children have started swaying away from the very subject which is so creative and is the reason of our existence. But, this is not to say that people don’t like it, there are many who love it too but still don’t understand the true essence of it.

The creative angle to the beautiful thing call math is misplaced because of the way it has evolved and is approached in today’s time. And that’s where we at cuemath are trying to take everyone through a unique journey and showcase a different approach to Math and Mathematical thinking, thus preserving the creativity at its very core.

We’re math people and we see math in everything around us. This year, our Independence Day 15.08.17 is a special date that comes only once in 100 years. It is a Pythagorean Triplet. 15(2) + 8(2) = 17(2).


We at cuemath have taken a pledge to Celebrate freedom from the fear of math this Independence Day“.


Come celebrate with us Freedom from the fear of Math and experience the other side of Math which will make you fall in love with it.

Join the festivities on 19th August 2017 at Elaan Convention Center, JP Nagar.  Register Here


1) More than 50 math games, puzzles, and activities

2) 17 feet Pythagorean cake

3) Exclusive merchandise as giveaways

4) No registration fee

5) Starts 10 am  onwards

Cuemath fest - freedom from the fear of math this independence day


Is this end of Google or our Privacy???

Is the plan of google to slowly become omnipotent and indestructible or to say GOD? Google has always wanted this. Earlier from search and now from the new product they are coming up with. Which will breach your privacy to the maximum level and you will become vulnerable and helpless. They say that we will be able to pull out data from all that you are doing on your mobile and will suggest you things, ways to get the work done.

In one way it is that kind of convenience but people will stop thinking and will become so dependent that google will run lives of people virtually. In today’s time it is just impossible to live without google and the future will be more impossible. Search, Android, you name a business in digital domain and google is there.

Some time back I updated my Android Smartphone to Lollypop and was just having a routine life suddenly one day I get a notification that you should leave now or you will be late for your meeting with Mr. X. I was totally surprized and fearful that how come google know about it. Going further in I came to know that I had updated my calendar and from there it go the information and notified me. At start it looks fun but as we think more about it is totally something which can be dangerous to the world. Google may have taken some measure to ensure security but still…

People has to know this and if they are not aware of how dangerous it can become going ahead then they have to be made aware. Some of the things which can happen are google will have to access to everything your bank account, financial records everything and they may be good but if this information goes in wrong hand people would be ruined. It can be a threat to national security as we have seen in past as well using google services people have planned attack. It’s not that attacked didn’t happen before google but it’s just that now they may have more resources and accessibility. A small change in a digital data and financial markets can crash and so do everything as we have almost all things online.

Either after this people will stop using android phones because of the security threat or if they do they will be throwing away all their privacy and yes wither our privacy or the googles future is at stake.