Learning Capsule from The Urban Monk

The Urban Monk

This morning I was reading The Urban Monk. This book was one hell of an experience with a lot of real-time examples, learnings from a monk who came back to the real world to make people understand the life of a monk. He wanted to show everyone how to lead a life of an urban monk. The writer thinks, what is the meaning of life where we do not give it back to the society.

Here, I am condensing the learnings of the book in 10 points which all of us should internalize to start a journey of becoming an urban monk.

Time Compression

Being committed to more than one things in a single timeline is something we do every day, which is not possible. The fear of losing out makes us say yes to a lot of things. Now, how do we move from fear of losing out to the joy of doing things? Let’s ask us about a yes and a no. Stop and take stock of items and then act on what you want to.

The urban monk talks about a concept of ‘Drinking from infinity.’ Think of life as a garden with only place for five plants, and now you must distribute your resources (time, money, etc.) within them. What would those five things be?

Media Diet

In today’s time, all we see around us is violence, politics, etc. this takes a mind off of a lot of valuable things we need to worry about in our life. The urban monk says that we need to understand what type and what amount of media we need in consume and in which format. We all should have an off-screen time to give our mind peace to take better decisions.


According to the urban monk, this is one of the best therapy a human mind can have. Writing helps us a lot on building perspectives on things and helps us make better choices in life. When you write mind invariably starts asking questions, and that helps a lot.


The urban monk says that we should often connect with nature as this is where we belong. Notice your surroundings, pay reverence and just absorb all the things that nature has for you, this also helps in meditation and sharpen our skills.


A sound sleep leads to an excellent start to the day and helps you in a better organization. The urban monk mentions that we should get rid of the alcohol and Netflix ritual. Instead, we should spend that time on sleep, loved ones, etc.


You are what you eat. Urban monk talks about the three habits of food eating which all of us should embrace –

  • You should eat less
  • Try and eat green
  • The food should be timed properly

Martial Arts

Physical fitness is as important as mental fitness. Martial arts add the increased focus to the physical aspect of training and help us to open the points of our body. It stands on the principle that your embodiment of the art conveys your passion for changing.


Imagine money as an energy which can be used to create so many meaningful things in life. It’s just a means to an end but people make money as an end and build everything around it. The urban monk believes money to be a means to an end and talk about future is the best investment one can make it.


The common denominator to solve most of our problems. There is nothing new about it. Effective meditation can also be for 5-10 min. It slows you down and allows you to take stock of things. We should not be reactive to it. We must be more proactive about it and do it before something happens. It will take some time to get used to it. Use 100 days’ formula. You have to make yourself want to change yourself.


You must believe it’s possible then you will be able to remove yourself as a roadblock, and then you become something else and something more significant. It is called Gong. It’s a plan/ job for an allotted period. Chose the area where you lack and device a personal plan. E.g., if you travel for a job then don’t commit to a swim every day. Set yourself up for success. Set a 100-day target and if you fail, you start all over again.

We need to concur this world as the future of our loved ones depends on us, our business depends on us, our future you rely on us to step it up.


“The arc of development from frenzy panic to a calm and composed person taking a decision is a journey of an urban monk.”


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