Why I wake up at 3?

wake up at 3

Waking up at around 3 and writing has become a habit for me now. It helps me to express my thoughts and help me introspect on things I would ignore during my day. Small things like conversations I had with someone over coffee, discussion on a problem statement etc. This is the time when the world sleeps and there is absolute silence, it is probably the best time to spend with yourself. “wake up at 3”, It has helped me develop a lot of perspectives and hence helped me grow.

Nowadays for me, this is the most productive time of the day where I can finish almost all my days’ work in 3-4 hours and anticipate the happenings of the day which in turn has helped me in becoming a better planner. My mind is free from all clutter and distraction and hence makes me more effective at whatever I do.

It also gives me a head start and I can spend an hour on workout which keeps me upbeat throughout the day. This workout is a mix of yoga, meditation and a run, all of which is self-learned.

As soon as I come from the office I just have a light meal and I sleep almost instantly within a minute. My roommate hates me for this as it generally takes some time for him to get to sleep. This has been possible as I get so early and work throughout the day which makes me too tired to think about anything else.

One funny advantage of this is I find enough time and less traffic in a city like Bangalore to commute and that’s a huge relief. This saves at least an hour of my day which I put to better use.

A head start at the office is so soothing as you get to plan a lot of your meetings in the day and have upper hand in scheduling them and hence no one denies it thus increasing your productivity.

Now I end up finishing my work in the office as I had planned it well and I get to spend some time talking to my family and friends and that is satisfying. This is much needed after a day of hard and draining work.

One other advantage of this that I discovered over time was that my reading speed increased almost twice in the morning as there is a minimum distraction and hence it helps me read a lot of things.

Some people tell me that I have insomnia problem or something is bothering me that I wake up so early. Maybe or maybe not but this trait of mine is helping me in multiple areas and is helping me to achieve what I want.

Read here how I built this habit of waking up early.


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  1. I totally agree with the following point. “One funny advantage of this is I find enough time and less traffic in a city like Bangalore to commute and that’s a huge “. I had saved more than one hour by just waking at 6am.

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