Emotions in Emails makes them super effective

When someone says to you that the email communication should be personalized and must touch emotions. Everyone will say that it is obvious and everyone should do it. But what people end up doing is using mail merge to write people name and certain other details to personalize and that’s it.

In a Harvard study, it was concluded that if you can make people super attached and satisfied the incremental revenues generated from them keep giving business the edge it requires to run over the competition. For a brand, these super-connected users accounted for 20% but they accounted for 35% of revenue generation.

There are few core emotion which you can get on google, they are –

  • Greed
  • Fear
  • Altruism
  • Envy
  • Pride
  • Shame

Now let’s talk about them one by one and how we can target them for better results to our campaign and support.

emotions in emails

People who are inherently greedy would always need something extra in addition to what the company promises. Now the trick here to not give a discount or something extra but to tie the purchase to a hypothetical reward. Most credit card companies give you loyalty points amazon prime gives you a free and timely delivery etc. Now, these set of people are driven by the things tied to the core offering.

Fear of missing out is something when someone fails to become a part of something big. They want to be socially at par with everyone and want to make sure that people do not consider him/her a laggard. Hence just showcasing the power of community can help us get these kinds of people on board.

Altruism means concerned of the well-being of others. Now some strata of people will always want to do some things which will help others. At cuemath, most of our partners join us in our mission to build a strong math foundation for kids because they want to give it back to the society and hence it becomes a very powerful pull for them.

Now, some people will always want to do something because other is doing it as he/she is successful. I have seen people taking up a course just because someone they know and envy has also taken it. This is very powerful for marketers and can be used to our advantage to show people what their counterparts are doing. It also ties in with the fear of missing out.

When you brand becomes, great people associate with you out of pride and nothing else. Making people realize that they are part of something bigger that sum-total of all of us they would want to join the cause and deliver.

A corollary to the above statement when people do not join something big they may feel ashamed as others may look down on them again ties into the fear of missing out and can become one of the most powerful emotion for marketers to tap.

The biggest to achieving emotions in our emails is to know and segment your current and potential market into such, which is one of the toughest tasks and requires a lot of inputs from a lot of stakeholders.

Some of the things that affect the emotional state of the user are –

  • Word Choices
  • Colors
  • Imagery
  • Story

Some basic things that we can do to start with and not complicate things

  • Subject Lines
  • Opening Lines of Email
  • CTA’s

Some of the subject lines that evoke the above-said emotions are

  • Join the revolution in math learning evokes PRIDE
  • Become a part of largest community of math educators evokes FEAR OF MISSING OUT
  • See what Mrs. Sharma has been up to in her free time evokes ENVY
  • Make a strong math foundation for children of tomorrow evokes ALTRUISM
  • We are always here to support you evokes feeling of having someone at your back

emotions in emails

There are numerous such examples which can help us tap the emotions of a user in a right way and hence create a differentiation in the mind of the user. The way a customer support replies if touches the said emotions in one way or other can create a huge difference in which a brand is perceived.

The source of information I have is taken from here.



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