One of my first – A Pre Maternity Photoshoot

I always try and do something meaningful at the weekends. It was early last year that I started learning the nuances of photography. Photography is not just clicking it’s more than that and the more you learn about it the more it fascinates you.

So one day, I get a call from my ex-boss that one of my old colleagues was looking for a photographer and he suggested me. I had done some or the other kind of photography over weekends to learn the about the fascinating field, hence they termed me as a photographer. All events with family and friend’s I am the default choice not because I am great, but because people have seen me click and that’s what all people need. They will come to you after every click and just thank you for clicking but not for the photography quality.

I chatted with him to understand what kind of clicks he wants and it was a pre-maternity shoot as we call it in the modern world. I had never done this kind of photography. I was scared but I thought what’s the downside of doing this. At the most, I will not be able to do it and will waste some of my time. Hence, I committed them that I will do it for them.

I then started my research on such kind of photography. What should be the inspiration, what should be the narrative, what are the techniques to do it etc. It took me 3 days of reading to get to know about it and what all can be done. Because of this I had to miss one weekend and we planned it for the next and the stage was set.

We decided the place to be Cubbon park as I read on some blog that it’s a good place. Trusting them we reached there and started the photo shoot. My colleague got all the materials needed for the shoot. I was totally surprised at the excitement and dedication with which they had prepared all the props. That motivated me further.

We started at around 9:30 in the morning with some basic poses which we saw on the web. And here came my worst nightmare. Of clicking and showing and again clicking. As I was doing it for my colleague I was more conscious and kept a lot of patience. I am sure they knew about that in the first 15 min of the shoot. But I kept my cool and in the first hour, I was feeling happier then irritated, just by seeing their happiness and love. It was more like I will do whatever it takes to make them happy.

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Time passed and we clicked more than 500 pictures in the span of 4-5 hours with different props and ideas. I was in the grove after the first hour and was improvising a lot. I could see the result of what I was doing in their happiness and that created a lot of difference in my approach and we concluded it with a long walk and some random clicks.

It was a great learning experience for me. I learned a lot about a different perspective on functional photography and moreover about human emotions and how it works. We just need small validation and memories to be happy in life and that’s what matters.

I always did wildlife photography and captured animal emotions. You can have a look at some of my clicks here.

My inspiration for this photo shoot was this.

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