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Sitting at airport at Mumbai got me thinking of my last day at practo. In my 2 years at practo, I learned many things and worked with a lot of people, but the last day was the sum of all the learnings given to me in a precise format by Mohan Sir. He told me many things which I am representing here in the best of my understanding.

  • Success is not the only function of talent, rather it depends more on your effort.

Success = Talent * Effort

Talent = Skill * Effort

Success = Skill * Effort2

So, skill is not the only thing defining success. In fact, success is more dependent on one’s effort and persistence of doing so. So, keep doing great and make sure you strive for it as nothing comes easy. (Courtesy – Grit)


  • Problem solving

Here, you must think compartmentalized. Stick to what all you can do in the smallest amount of time to get to a logical conclusion. A simple method to do it is list all the possible scenarios and weigh them on risk vs impact or any other two-dimensional scale depending on the situation. Here we need two key things which are mentioned below –


Once you get here with all the information you can get in an hour and then try and reason the solution if possible. If not we move to the ½ day solution and so on till we reach 7 days. And if you can’t come to a logical conclusion in 7 days you probably won’t be able to solve that piece and in that case, you should ask for help.

We name it as analytics because to take any decision here we need data (without data any decision will be a fluke).

  • 1 hour solution
  • ½ day solution
  • 1 day solution
  • 3 day solution
  • 7 day solution

Critical Reasoning

You should build a lot of hypothesis. This is the only to eliminate what you think fast by looking at the data and then move forward. Once you have data this becomes one of the most important thing. A person who can look at different scenarios and think critically will be the one who will be able to take fast and right decision. Sometime data limits our thinking it is the time when your experience of such things come out and then make sure that you go on a more correct path.


  • People Management

Influence without authority

One of the most important thing for a leader to be successful is to influence his/her team but make sure you don’t become too authoritative. Once that happens you lose the leverage you have over the team and hence it becomes difficult to drive everyone to a common goal or a vision.

Inspire and lead by example

This is by far one of the most awesome way to get your team out of their nests and get them started. Although this is a double edge sword and can lead to people taking undue advantage of yours’s but this is by far the most effective thing I have come across both as a leader and the follower.

In last 2 years I have worked with some great minds and I also penned down my journey at practo here


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