Their idea of being fit and healthy

Place – Madiwala Lake, Bangalore; Date – 21st May 2017;  Time – 6:00 AM; Point of Observation -  People's idea of being fit and healthy The whole world has realized the importance of fitness and health and off late see we a lot of Gym, fitness center etc. cropping up in the different part of … Continue reading Their idea of being fit and healthy

Must have apps in your smartphone

Free time gets you thinking and sitting at Udaipur airport got me thinking of how these apps/ tools have made my life so easier. Since time immemorial tools have played an important role in one’s growth and the growth of the civilization. Some of the first tools used by men were made of stones and were … Continue reading Must have apps in your smartphone

The Cost of an Indian Wedding

In Indian culture, as soon as the child is born, the planning for one’s wedding starts. The family start’s gathering gold/ possessions right from the day you are born. They do this killing a lot of their own ambitions and aspirations. Now, this is also one of the costs which a family pays in an … Continue reading The Cost of an Indian Wedding

Interview – Bankers life post demonetisation

My dad has been a banker for last 30 years now. Since I started understanding, it has at least been 15 years. During initial days’ things were different as it was a semi-government bank. But, soon things changed and my dad was a part of one of the largest private banks in India. The life … Continue reading Interview – Bankers life post demonetisation

Importance of wasting time

There is always so much do and achieve in one’s life. We always keep running around with the feeling of getting things done from the endless list of to do’s. There is this culture of making one feel all productive and even a second wasted is looked at terribly. But what we don’t realize is, … Continue reading Importance of wasting time

Fear of Appreciation

A simple thank you by your boss, or a small token of remembrance do wonders to the moral of employees and helps create a cohesive team. This helps a team go that extra mile and deliver great results. Everyone like being appreciated and we have enough good reasons for it, like: People think that they … Continue reading Fear of Appreciation