Their idea of being fit and healthy

Place – Madiwala Lake, Bangalore; Date – 21st May 2017;  Time – 6:00 AM; Point of Observation –  People’s idea of being fit and healthy

madiwala lake idea of being fit and healthy

The whole world has realized the importance of fitness and health and off late see we a lot of Gym, fitness center etc. cropping up in the different part of cities. I am sitting here at a lake side and see the different view and people have a very different take on how to be fit and healthy. Their idea of being fit and healthy is very different, your journey can start at any point. Let us have a look at some of the observation.

Idea of being fit and healthy

  • Old Couple Walking

  • An old couple walking is a beautiful sight. The are looking very happy and to me, it looks like they are at the lakeside just to enjoy nature and complete their schedule. They just want fresh air and walking was enough for them to be healthy. I reached out to them and asked what is it that gets you here every day. They told, “It’s the young people like you who compels us to be here, we get a lot of energy seeing you and it makes us happy”. Their idea of being fit and healthy is the happiness and laughter which they get when they come here daily.
  • Young Couple Jogging

  • A young couple taking out time from their busy schedule and jogging over the weekend to make sure that their lifestyle doesn’t take a toll on their health. I casually started chatting with them and was surprised to know that they don’t miss their jog for even one day. It was their idea of being fit and healthy and they were happy that way. Some thing’s I did in order to be healthy.
  • Man full of gadgets

  • Technology has taken its toll on us, gentleman full of gadgets is the sight. He is always looking at his band, mobile while running. I can empathize with him as I am the same. Measurement gives us a thrill and then we act accordingly. The targets are what we are conditioned to achieve and we see fitness with the lenses of achieving a target. Here the idea of being fit and healthy is about achieving milestones and move ahead. I did something similar when I took this challenge.
  • Individuals Running

  • Individual girls/boys running and spending time in the open gym as if there is no tomorrow. One of them told me that why to spend money on being healthy when we have enough options of doing so. We just need the will and that we get from each other. They were a group of 5 people who comes to madiwala daily. Their idea of being fit was being regular and helping each other to do so.
  • Boy talking on phone

  • A boy is talking to his parents and walking. I am assuming his idea of being fit and healthy must be “Walk while you talk”. Multitasking to make sure you are healthy and fit is another trait of the present generation.
  • People doing Yoga and Pranayama

  • People doing yoga and pranayama, these are mostly middle-aged people who want to do their bit to be fit and healthy. These people are generally conservative in their idea of being fit and healthy and don’t want to try anything new. I reached out to few of them but of no use as they were wary of talking to me.
  • People relaxing on benches

  • People just sitting on benches to take fresh air in Bangalore which is very rare. Their idea of being fit and healthy was to have fresh air at the start of the day and then go to their daily routine.

The time is 6:45 AM now and in last 45 min these were my observation on what the world of fitness and health has come to and how things are changing, what people think when we talk about their idea of health and fitness, but there are many things which we should avoid. It’s not always about 6 packs or muscles or becoming lean. Being fit and healthy and fit are much more than being thin or muscular, you need to have undergone lifestyle changes in order to be fit and healthy. It’s about being healthy from inside and living your life with discipline. You can have a look at my weight loss journey here.

Please let me know what is your idea of being fit and healthy in the comments section.

Must have apps in your smartphone

Free time gets you thinking and sitting at Udaipur airport got me thinking of how these apps/ tools have made my life so easier. Since time immemorial tools have played an important role in one’s growth and the growth of the civilization. Some of the first tools used by men were made of stones and were used for getting their food in the wild. Civilization progressed and we discovered and invented various tools to make our life easier. In this present internet age, the meanings of tools have further enhanced. Some of the must have apps in your smartphone that I use to manage my day to day life are given below:

  • Evernote

This is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Thanks to Amal for introducing me to it. It helps me in getting things done. The search functionalities, its chat feature, notebook feature, tags feature etc. helps me in organizing a lot of my professional and personal things. It also helps me to record my blog ideas so that I can dwell on them later. This app at least saves and hour of my time every day for sure.

  • Settle up

This has become the one-stop shop to manage all my household expenses. We live in a shared flat and in that setting attribution of expenses in a right way is one of the most important things to keep peace in the house. This app has saved numerous fights for us and helps keep all our expenses clean and simple.

  • Walnut

When you want to manage your personal expenses and investment walnut saves the day for you. It helps me in managing my extra cash judicially so that I can track and get maximum returns on the same. This helps me to know my balances and investments at one place.

This is the latest addition to my list. This is also called a brain gym. This helps me in increasing my cognitive abilities. Improve my reasoning, coordination etc. I used this religiously once a day to keep my mind open to possibilities. I have literally paid a good amount for this.

prak brain score

  • Quora

I find this better than people as I get pinpointed answers to almost all my queries and those are the real experience of people rather than paid content that I get on google. Recently I started answering a lot of questions myself on Quora. I make sure I give at least 2 answers a day on questions where I have experience.

  • Linkedin

I think one should also have an equal professional presence as they have on social media. It shows a lot about your character. This helps you to build your professional presence over a period and helps us to become credible and an influencer.

  • Whatsapp

One of the best tools to communicate to teams, family, friend. I think it has become a necessity in today’s life. It is fast, responsive and solves an important problem of fast and efficient communication.

  • Goibibo

I tend to travel frequently and booking hotels, busses and flight are like every day’s work. Here Goibibo is a savior. This becomes one stop shop for all my travel needs. Till now I never had a bad experience with them. Hope it stays that way.

This is not on my phone because I work there. It is there because it has helped me time and again during my dentist’s treatments, during my mom’s illness etc. This app has always given me a near perfect suggestion on which doctor should I visit.

  • MI-Fit

Last but not the least my fitness freakishness holds me to this must have app in my smartphone. It helps me to keep a record of my physical activity through band and hence I get motivated to open it every day and make sure I achieve my target

Now if you see closely above apps/ tools solves daily schedule, Expenses, Personal Finance, Knowledge, Professional visibility, keeping in touch, Travel Needs, Medical emergencies, and Fitness.

A short study on why users uninstall apps. Please share your thoughts on the same.

What are some other must-have apps in your smartphone that you need to manage in your day to day life please share it in the comment section? I will use it myself and update the article.