Why do users generally uninstall Apps ???

Let us first look at some background on the facts about the internet and smartphone usage in the country. Following that, we will try to understand the reason responsible for an app to stay on the smartphone device.

  • There are about 320 Mn total internet users in the country (which include Mobile and other users). (
  • Out of the total, about 200 Mn (16% of total mobile connection subscribers) are mobile internet users. Out of which 150 Mn are urban and 50 are rural mobile users.
  • The total unit of smartphones users is 160 Mn (mobiles) + 2.7Mn (tab).
  • Out of the total smartphones, 65% of smartphones are of less than 10000.
  • The majority of Smartphone density lies in Maharashtra (23.8%), Delhi (15.8%), WB (14.1%), and Karnataka (5.8%).
  • 60% of the smartphone sold are 3G enabled.
  • 70% of the users of smartphones are less than 30 years of age.
  • The male-female ratio for the use of smartphones is 60:40.
  • The average specifications for a smartphone in India are –
    • 1GB RAM
    • 4-8GB Internal storage and extendable
    • Dual core and Quad core processor
    • Android
    • 10-15 Apps come inbuilt in the mobile phone which cannot be installed which uses a specified internal storage and RAM
  • The apps which are generally present in and average phone are –
    • Facebook – 200Mb
    • Chrome – 60Mb
    • WhatsApp – 80-100Mb
    • Flipkart/Snap-Deal/Amazon/ Myntra – 40-60Mb
    • Gmail – 20Mb
    • Music App – 50-80Mb
    • Games – 200-600Mb
    • Ola/Uber – 40-60Mb
    • Mobile Banking Apps – 20Mb
    • Google Now and Google Play services – 300-500Mb
    • Other google Apps (Maps, Hangout etc.) – 500-700Mb
    • Other basic Apps – 100-300Mb

Total it comes to around 2-3Gb for Apps then the people have their Music and Photos and other document data. (http://www.bgr.in/news/top-10-internet-browsing-trends-of-indian-smartphone-users/) (Digital @ Bharat by BCG India)

  • In general for a downloaded app to stay in phone it should have following utilities –
    • Keeping audience engaged or users lose interest
    • Should not eat much space on the device
    • Offers i.e. incentivising the app usage
    • Reoccurring Functionality
    • No continuous push notifications

app uninstall parameters


  • In general, following factors are contributing to its high uninstall rates –
    • Usability only when of need
    • No engagement with users as of now
    • No offers and incentives to keep the app
    • It eats space on the device
    • Can be downloaded when needed

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