The art of POWER nap

Power nap and their benefitsTechnically a short sleep taken during the working day to restore one’s mental alertness is known as a power nap. It’s just like speed dating you don’t know whether it will be successful or not but still you want to take a chance and do it.

Good power naps are told to improve alertness and help a person to awake directly without the detrimental sleep inertia. I have had the naps from 10-30 min duration. According to me, 30 min is the best time for a nap as more that this the body starts moving into the sleep inertia and you start feeling disoriented.


  • Promote performance and learning capabilities
  • Ability to restore the hormonal imbalance caused due to sleep deprivation
  • Help to increase productivity

How to do it?

  • Find a good place to nap – You may get distracted by your surroundings a lot so a comfortable place with not much disturbance so you can gather yourself is needed.
  • Choose a dark room – You tend to sleep faster in dark rooms. Keep eye mask with you always, it helps a lot in blocking light and helping us to get asleep fast.
  • Make sure the room temperature is normal – Too hot or too cold temperature will make body relax and will tend you to take deeper sleep and hence no power nap.
  • Turn on slow music on earphone – It helps us get into a right state of mind. This also helps as a noise cancellation mechanism and hence better sleep and power nap.
  • Please say not to mobile phone or any other alarms and gadgets. They are the biggest killers of a power
  • If you are not able to sleep try counting 1-100 slowly and I bet you will have a good sleep.
  • The hardest thing is for the people to realize that napping is not sleeping and hence people tend to feel as if they cannot do it.
  • Next is you have to experience it once by trial to see what it feels like and once you get that experience it eventually becomes easy to make it a habit.
  • Relax enough before you think of start taking a nap and get everything out of your mind. It is easier said than done.

If you stay down, you risk going from the REM sleep mode into slow-wave sleep, which would need you to stay in bed for 90-120 minutes before your sleep cycle is complete. If you get up, the drowsiness will vanish in a minute or two. So, paradoxically, napping longer makes you drowsy, not rested.

With 3-4 power naps through the day, I’ve found that I could, on occasion, drastically reduce my need for sleep. I’ve done it for a week or two at a time, basically sleeping only about 2-4 hours a night, without any clear ill-effects during the day. I’m still undecided whether that’s something that I can or want to pursue a longer term lifestyle change.

Another point worth highlighting is that napping is not just a cure for drowsiness. It’s also simply a way to make yourself more alert. If you have a choice between drinking a strong coffee or having a 20-minute nap, always take the nap – you’ll feel more alert and smarter after the nap, and its after-effects will last longer.

An Unsaid Love Story : When she said “OK”

She said OK.

But not on Valentine Day. She did not believe in all this show-off. But who will make him understand that she is not like other girls?

Ira always had a different approach to life. She was too rational in everything she would do. She always said that it is the rationality that will survive and emotions are for fools. This behavior of her’s did hurt Arjun a lot of time but he was also adamant and always made sure to make his point. And hence they would always fight on one thing or other.

It was just another day in their life. Being in the same college they would spend a lot of time together. And when you spend a lot of time you start expecting certain things from the other person. That’s what happened, It was a holiday at college and they had not met.

Arjun’s father gave him a surprise and gifted him a bike. He was too happy and busy to share it with everyone but didn’t share it with Ira. That was it, a long heated argument started. She was mad at him for not letting him know in person and she had to listen to it from someone else. Arjun tried to be rational and mock Ira that he forgot and its ok, what’s the big deal here if he didn’t tell.

“We are just friends as you always say” and this sentence created Stir in Ira’s mind and she cut the phone. It was 11 in the night, he couldn’t call her back and then started a WhatsApp war.

There was a lot of argument over what is the relation they are in? What should they expect from each other? What is the future? Will things work out? And many more things. He tried and gave an answer to each question but, yes she was a rational being, how can she understand emotions. But that day Arjun saw a bit different of always strong and independent Ira.

The thoughts are her mind echoed, there is much more to know about her. He finds her personality very different. Arjun was occupied in the thoughts, it was 1:00 AM in the night and there she said it


And it all started… An Unsaid Love storythats-how-it-all-startd