7 Lifestyle changes I adopted to help me get Healthy

We give less attention to small details of life which in general have a huge impact on the way we live.


Starting the day early

Always try and start bit early than the usual time. This really helps in extending your effective day and give you extra time to start certain things. I used to get up at 6:30 AM generally, just getting up half an hour early made a huge difference to my day. I started with yoga and running in that time.

Taking the stairs

I took an oath to not take lift in any situation. This was very tough at the start, so I told everyone that I will do it and asked people to shame me if I don’t. This hugely helped me and In the period of 2 months I was only using stairs and seeing me my team started doing it.

Not sitting at once place for more than an hour

To achieve this technology helped me in a great way. I bought a smart watch with a sedentary reminder. It used to vibrate every one hour and I used to stand up and start walking wherever I was. First people laughed at me for doing it in meetings, but slowly it became a norm in my workplace.

Eating every 3 hours

Don’t eat full but eat at short intervals. I am not at all a fan of dieting. I never starved myself for anything during my journey. I just made sure that I eat less than I want and I eat often. It becomes a bit tough as you work, but again reminders and my cook helped me a lot in achieving this.

No drinking water just after meals instead walking after meals

Avoid drinking water after you complete your meal. Though you can have sips in between but having after a meal makes you heavy, cause indigestion and drags you towards the bed. Instead eat Sof and go for a walk or clean your room and then at least after half an hour go for drinking water.

Increasing protein intake

This really helps in increasing your body metabolism rate. My family doctor suggested me this and told me not to ignore this if I want to permanently lose my weight.  I started taking sprouts in the mornings and a lot of dals in my meals.

Drinking water every 2 hours

This helped me a lot in cleansing my body. Though it used to irritate me at the start as I had to use the toilet often in between meetings or any event. But over a period of time my flushing cycle became regular and I could feel the difference. Water does wonders.

These were the few things that helped me gather myself and start towards a healthy lifestlye which contribute in a huge way to my weight loss.

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